Bootstrap Business: Blockchain App Ideas For Startups

The transaction costs in this case are less compared to other financial services. Blockchain-based technology can help revive insuree trust by eliminating administrative barriers. Since transparency is a positive feature of blockchain, confidentiality cannot be maintained. Individuals can justify the ownership of the product based on these unique codes. The salary of a blockchain developer in India ranges from Rs 5,00,000 to Rs 30,00,000 per annum. For an app to accomplish success, it is vital that it complies with all the rules & conditions of the Apple App Store, Google Play Store.

  • For this issue, there is a Loyyal app enabling its users to combine the loyalty rewards from various companies and trade them.
  • There are a majority of mobile app users who still do not use blockchains and have little idea about this technology.
  • Here the advertisers that succeed in capturing the attention of users are rewarded with cryptocurrency.
  • A company that helps developers build games on blockchain, including a set of tools that let them build games without needing to deal with cryptography.
  • If you’re a beginner and just starting out to learn blockchain development then these projects are going to help you to solidify your learning.
  • A blockchain-based cryptocurrency for conference organizers and sponsors.

Parking tickets will become a thing of the past as blockchain technology ensures that booking data is precise and immutable. Once revenue begins to flow, it will keep your project moving forward at a steady pace. However, their success depends on the number of users using their platform. Look for problems that can be solved with blockchain technology and ensure enough people are interested in your solution.

NFT Art With On-Chain Metadata

Estate planning is a complicated process, but if you don’t give your loved ones or even lawyers access to crypto funds, they will have a lot of difficulty accessing them. In any circumstance, like illness or death, smart contracts can monitor the asset transfer procedure without blunders, ensuring that your funds are not forever lost. Credit unions are preferred for international money transfers, but typically impose fees and often require customers to visit a physical branch to collect payments. As blockchain transactions occur instantly and often automatically, transferring cryptocurrency around the world is incredibly fast and significantly less expensive. Companies are becoming more willing to accept cryptocurrency as payment for their goods and services . Also, intermediary businesses offer a valuable service to clients by fostering cryptocurrency payments for companies, resellers, and clients.

blockchain app ideas

A ‘blockchain for music’, providing a tool for musicians and music lovers to build social networks, share music, and get paid for their work. Blockchain-based dating platform for people who are already in relationships. A blockchain-based platform for driving and sharing autonomous vehicles, akin to Uber and Lyft but for cars.

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BurstIQ’s blockchain platform helps doctors securely manage and gather insights on sensitive health information. Each smart contract gives users full data ownership, letting them decide how their data is used in personalized healthcare products, services and marketplaces. Drivers who put in a lot of overtime while still having to pay self-employment taxes may be taken advantage of by ridesharing. Some businesses believe that empowering community-owned ridesharing networks with blockchain applications ideas will provide drivers with greater control and freedom. Charities and aid groups are the most corrupt sectors since people who donate huge sums of money don’t even know if their money is being used properly. Through Ethereum wallet apps that run on a decentralised platform without the need for middlemen or third-party involvement, blockchain applications ideas can eliminate this ambiguity.

So right here we will look into the various industries that these blockchain app ideas might have an impact on. But first, let’s talk about blockchain technology before diving into the meat of blockchain app ideas. To move your vision forward, pitch your business idea to investors in search of seed capital to fund your new venture. Initial coin offerings utilizing blockchain technology may be helpful. The initial coin offering allows aspiring entrepreneurs to decentralize startup funding – for that you should hire professional pitch deck consultants who can increase your funding chances. In 2012, it launched its own platform to connect digital asset exchanges, banks, and payment providers to create a blockchain network for businesses.

Digital identity-based Blockchain app ideas

After the success of the Ethereum token, this crypto-based crowdfunding occurred as a successful endeavor for businesses and tokens. The entrepreneurs who were talking about stock investing are currently planning to invest in cryptocurrencies. They call up their crypto business consultant and ask which coins to invest in at the time. But some people think that investing in cryptos is quite a complex thing and needs more money. But the fact is, you can start any business by generating capital from the crypto platform also.

blockchain app ideas

Parties can exchange information and interact with people on a global and transparent level. Borrowing money from a bank never seems exciting as there are so many documents to fill out and then the interest rate is very high. The use of Blockchain in P2P lending is growing rapidly and now borrowers and lenders are connected across the globe via blockchain blockchain technology trends and that too without having to give their share to banks. Currently, in the world of NFT, the development of play-to-win games has become a popular enterprise that has taken the world by storm. This trading option is an incentive-based gaming mechanism based on NFTs and cryptos. Cryptocurrencies have just started to gain more attention among retailers.


So many opportunities are still undiscovered in this area that you should definitely check out. With DFINITY’s Internet Computer, an open-source blockchain network, users can build decentralized applications and Web3 services directly on-chain. Some choose to use smart contracts for blockchain application development – to build decentralized applications in web3 such as messaging apps, crypto exchanges, and more. Supply chain management is the entire process that defines the flow of products and services.

Blockchain technology can drive this industry’s uncertainties and help to increase people’s trust. Research exhibits that the US Life Insurance Company lost $50 Billion in the first quarter of 2020. Smart contracts are blockchain-powered events that operate on Ethereum – which is a collection of codes and data. A decentralized app store that lets people sell their personal items on the blockchain, with “personal item” defined as anything that can be legally bought and sold. The startup aims to be the first to sell physical items on the blockchain, including “vintage art”, “new, rare tech”, “antique furniture”, etc. A housing startup that’s building a “blockchain-powered” rental platform, to help individual agents and investors rent out apartments.

A messaging app that uses blockchain to verify messages and attachments.

With blockchain, information is collected in groups, called blocks that contain sets of information. These blocks have storage capacity and once filled, they are closed and then linked to the previously filled blocks, creating a chain of data, which is known as a blockchain. New information following the newly added block is compiled into a newly formed block which is then added to the chain when it fills up. The global blockchain market is growing rapidly and is expected to reach a staggering 163 billion U.S. dollars by 2023, according to Statista.

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In other words, these are some pretty awesome app ideas for 2022 based on Blockchain technology, and if you want assistance, you can also hire a blockchain developer in India. They will help you get started with your project and provide the necessary resources to make it a success. Blockchain technology is beneficial for individuals, startup enterprises, or even established firms.

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